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60mm Cam Gear
Part # SHA114
Shaver-Wesmar designed this gear for engine builders that prefer to use a larger base circle cam.

Standard Cam Gear
Part # SHA108
Standard cam gear for standard base circle cams.

Idler Gear
Part # SHA110
Replacement idler gear for Shaver- Wesmar Gear Drive.

Small Block Crank Gear
Part # SHA109
Replacement crank gear for standard small block Chevy crank snout.


Idler Bearing / Barden Idler Bearing

Part # ALI116 & ALI124

Replacement idler bearing & Hi-Performance/Endurance idler bearing.


Big Block Crank Gear
Part # SHA112
Used for engines that have a big block crank snout.

Small Parts Kit
Part # S/W5000
Contains all parts that come with our gear drives.

Thrust Bearing Kit
Part # S/W4500
Contains all thrust bearings and shims for our gear drives.

Timing Cover Bolt Kit
Part # S/W8005
Contains all items needed for our front covers.




1. Idler post bolts - Part # RUL-112

2. Idler post lock plate - Part # WER-124

3. Idler post - Part # SHA-111

4. Idler assembly bolts (3) Part # CH-114

5. Front idler plate - Part # WER-117

6. Crossbrace bolts - Part # CH-115

7. Idler gear snap ring - Part # ALI-115

8. Cam crossbrace - Part # WER-127

9. Idler gear - Part # SHA-110

10. Crossbrace spacer - Part # WER-128

11. Crank gear - Part # SHA-109

12. Frame - Part # WER-126

13. Pan lip seal - Part # TUC-T103

14. Rear idler plate - Part # WER-118

15. Splined insert - Part # SHA-104

16. Large thrust washers and bearing - Part # S/W-4500

17. Cam gear - Part # SHA-108

18. Small thrust washers and bearing - Part # S/W-4500

**Not pictured idler gear bearing** - Part # ALI-116

cam gear

cam gear


small block
crank gear

big block
crank gear

Small Parts

Thrust Bearing

timing cover
bolt kit



Stopped by the booth at PRI and spoke with Kelly. Excellent product and 100% American made. Can't wait to get the BBC gear drive on our next engine!

Troy Smith, Engine Builder

Simply the best gear drives in the business, created by 2 of the best minds in engine building!

Lindsay Shaver, Racer