front covers

Front Covers

Billet Timing Cover

Part # S/W8002GSP

For use with our S/W2000 or S/W3000 gear drives. Specifically used for sprint car engines that drive the oil pump and water pump off the front of the engine.


Raised Cam Timing Cover

Part # S/W8000GSP

For use with our S/W3500 or S/W3600 raised cam gear drivers.


Chevrolet Front Cover

Part # GAE65556

For engines that use a stock front cover.

*This front cover does not have an oil pan lip seal as our gear drives are equipped with one*

Standard Steel

Standard Billet

Raised Cam Billet

our advantages

Made In The USA

CNC Machined Heat Treated Gears with Precision Crown Shaved Teeth for smooth harmonic free operation. The whole unit weighs only 4 1/2 lbs. Comes Complete With Everything You’ll Need!

High Quality Materials

Made of ultra-light aluminum aircraft alloy. Crack resistant steel idler gear support. Gears precision cut from 9310 steel, with no more than a .001 total run out with 20 degrees pressure angle. Highly adjustable and easy to install.


Established by Ron Shaver and Bob Westphal in 1994 with over 70 years combined experience. Used by top engine builders, most reliable gear drive on market


Stopped by the booth at PRI and spoke with Kelly. Excellent product and 100% American made. Can't wait to get the BBC gear drive on our next engine!

Troy Smith, Engine Builder

Simply the best gear drives in the business, created by 2 of the best minds in engine building!

Lindsay Shaver, Racer